Matchbook AI

Portal – Common Settings

1. Country Groups #

Setting the country code ensures that when matches are done through the D&B API, the correct algorithms are used to provide the best possibilities for a match.

  • Adding or editing countries requires clicking the ‘+’ or ‘edit’ icons as highlighted below, for choosing the countries to include/exclude from user’s grouping and providing an appropriate group name:

2. Tags #

Tags give users the ability to handle the division of records to be processed with different rules in the Matchbook Portal. Not only this, tags allow users to categorize records between different groups within the (users’) organization, and those groups can be configured with the different rules. Typically, records are expected to be tagged prior to their entry into the portal.

Before importing records into the Matchbook Portal, the admin must first create tags in the portal and so, records being imported are expected to have corresponding tags to handle divisions of records.

Tags can only be created or deleted. In addition to tags for recognizing records separately, tags can be associated with LOB tags which act as an upper layer of tags. Any given tag can be associated to one LOB tag:

  • Tag Types – created tags are grouped into categories (Source, Security Group, Monitoring Group, etc.)
  • Tag Value – Allows for the entry of a new tag value

3. User Comments #

Admins can create user comments in this section, which can be referenced while trying to delete any auto-accept rules in the Cleanse Match → Auto Acceptance rules:

4. Export Page #

As part of the export functionality using REST API services, the admin can define page sizes with the number of maximum records to be returned for each applicable service. Users can configure the settings as shown below:

5. FTP Configuration #

FTP Configuration is used for Direct+ Monitoring. All the Direct+ Monitoring notification files and seed files are stored inside FTP, so FTP must be set up first to process monitoring: