Matchbook AI

Base and Investigation Reports

Base Reports #

The first section of Reports is the Base Reports:

The Base Reports section allow users to view the metrics and statistical information for three main components:

  1. Data Queue Dashboard
  2. Data Stewardship Statistics
  3. API Usage

1. Data Queue Dashboard #

This report includes metrics and statistical information in all the different queues including any unprocessed data, data being processed, and processed data:

2. Data Stewardship Statistics #

This report includes statistical information belonging to the data stewardship process:

3. API Usage #

This report includes metrics and statistical information for:

  • Current Month Count
  • Current Year Count (year-to-date)
  • Total Count

Investigation Reports #

The second section of Reports is the Investigation Reports:

iResearch provides users a solution by analyzing and validating D&B data against the existing information they have. iResearch serves as an aid for users looking for an entity with no match, a business with inadequate information, or to find the existing information for a long-lasting business where further review is needed:

Session Filters: #

Session filter allows users to refine the data presented based on the filter that is chosen. Users can add filters by clicking on the ‘Add Filter’ button:

Clicking on the ‘Additional Actions’ button will let the user perform a few more actions:

  1. Refresh Status
  2. Bulk Investigation
  3. Export to CSV

1. Refresh Status #

The user is able to Refresh the D&B iResearch status by clicking on the ‘Refresh Status’ button:

2. Bulk Investigation  #

Users can perform Bulk Investigation – Mini Investigation and Targeted Investigation by clicking on the ‘Bulk Investigation’ button from the additional actions option:

3. Export to CSV #

The user can export the D&B iResearch Investigation data in the CSV file by clicking on the ‘Export to CSV’ button:

Metrics Dashboard #

The third section of Reports is the Metrics Dashboard:

The Metrics Dashboard section allows users to view the action and stats for the two main components:

  1. Steward Action
  2. Identity Resolution Stats

1. Steward Action #

This report provides user-level most recent / counts of most recent actions information which the Steward performs as part of accepting / rejecting the records:

2. Identity Resolution Stats #

This section provides users a way to identify the number of records accepted / rejected / re-matched / the number of records that sit in Match Output by selecting input file / date filters: