Matchbook AI

Integration Gateway – Upload Configuration

Upon successfully logging in, an Admin will be able to redirect to the portal settings where they can customize “Upload Configuration”.

The above picture shows a list of configurations that were added. Clicking the ‘+’ icon or Edit allows users to add/edit more configurations.

The below picture shows where a user can add new Import Configuration Mapping so that this configuration can be used for the “Upload Command”:

As shown in above picture, users must enter Configuration Name and set Import Type, File Format and File for mapping. They can configure the Import process and make it default.

NOTE: Must have at least one default configuration process.

Clicking “Next” allows the user to map all the columns for further Import process from the Command Line:

The above screen shows the way users can map all the column headers for further import process.

Every time a user runs the Upload command through Matchbook Integrator, it will take Import Configuration from here.

The Upload command cited below explains in more detail how users can use Matchbook Integrator:

Upload Command:  Upload -F “FilePath” -C ConfigurationName

The command above is used for Uploading File, where “Upload” is the main command. Users need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Pass File Path with FileName which a user wants to Import to the Matchbook Portal for Processing data

Step 2: Pass Configuration Name, so it will take all the column mapping for that configuration to load into the Matchbook Portal

Above, we described the steps to configure the Upload settings. Once a user configures these settings, they can run the Command Line EXE to Import data to the Matchbook Portal System.