Matchbook AI

Data Enrichment

Data Block Groups #

Enables users to retrieve data on a specific entity or category. In a single online API request, multiple data blocks can be pulled. Monitoring and Batch are supported for all elements of standard data blocks.

When requesting at least one standard data block in a request, a user will always receive the DUNS Number, Primary Business Name, and Country ISO Alpha2 code for the requested company:

Data Enrichment #

Data Enrichment allows users to configure the appropriate enrichments per their entitlements with D&B.  This section enables the user to create and configure rules which determine how entitlements impact matched data within MBS.

  • Products from both Direct+ and Direct 2.0 can be configured
  • Multiple Enrichment configurations can be made
  • Tag specific enrichments can be configured
  • Custom products can be configured as well

The user will be able to add or edit the enrichment profiles which can store all the above configurations: