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Data Stewardship Process: Introduction

Data Stewardship is a process of manually investigating any records under the Low Confidence Match (LCM) and No Match queues. The result of the investigative work done by the Data Stewards is to improve the likelihood of finding the appropriate match for each record in one of these queues.

Once imported and processed (Identity Resolution), the resultant output lands in the appropriate queues (Low Match Queue, No Match Queue, Match Output Queue, Enrichment Queue & Monitoring Queue). These values will be displayed in the Active Data Queue Statistics section of the dashboard. These dashboard numbers will be continuously updating as the Data Stewards work through their queue of records.

The above dashboard view shows the flow of data from left to right starting with file import:

  • File Import – maintains the counts of the file(s) uploaded
  • Input – reflects the number of records imported and waiting to be processed
  • Low Confidence Match (LCM) – records returned with low confidence matches
  • No Match – records returned with no matches
  • Match Output – records with good match and are ready to be exported
  • Enrichment Output – records assigned to be enriched

Process Status will indicate the following information:

  • Processed – indicates the completion of the background jobs and data ready for download
  • Processing – indicates background jobs still running
  • Paused – indicates the background jobs being paused by the administrator

Under the Data Stewardship navigation bar, a series of steps make researching the No Match and LCM records more intuitive:

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