Matchbook AI

Common – Tags

Tags give users the ability to handle division of records to be processed with different rules in the Matchbook Portal. Not only this, tags allow users to categorize records between different groups within the (users’) organization, and those groups can be configured with the different rules. Typically, records are expected to be tagged prior to entry into the portal.

Before importing the records into the Matchbook Portal, admin must first create tags in the portal and so, records being imported are expected to have corresponding tags to handle divisions of records.

Tags can only be created or deleted. In addition to tags for recognizing records separately, tags can be associated with LOB tags which act as an upper layer of tags. Any given tag can be associated to one LOB tag:

  • Tag Types – created tags are grouped into categories (Source, Security Group, Monitoring Group, etc.)
  • Tag Value – Allows for the entry of a new tag value