Matchbook AI

User Types

To access the Matchbook Portal, users need valid credentials and to be designated one of two user types (Data Stewards or Administrator). Within this feature, Admins will be able to manage their user base.

User types:

  1. Administrator – The Administrator has complete control in the Matchbook Portal. This role can manage all settings and users, upload and download data via the UI as well as create and manage all rules for auto-acceptance. Administrators can also manage data security using tag-based rules to secure access to data for each user.
  • Administrator Types:
    • Enterprise Admin – has complete access to the system
    • LOB Admin – LOB specific admin
  • Administrators have the following access:
  • Import Records into MBS system for processing
  • Export Output Records
  • Reset the Data
  • Portal Configuration Settings:
    • Manage Users including – add/edit/delete/activate
    • Manage Tags including – add/delete tags
    • Manage Country Groups – add/edit/delete
    • Manage User Comments – add/delete
    • Manage Company Attributes – add/delete
    • Enable/Disable Chat
    • Enable/Disable Data Reset
  • Managing Users Status:
    • Active – active account
    • Un-Authorized – set by administrator to deactivate a user temporarily or permanently
    • Account Locked – Set by the system when user does not access the system for more than a month or tries to login with an invalid username/password more than 5 times in a row. Users must out their admin or to resolve these issues
    • Account Deleted – Administrator can delete account
  • Admin users also have all access listed for the Data Steward user below
  1. Data Steward – This role has limited access in the Matchbook Portal. They can only perform the following functions:
  • Review Matches
  • Match Data
  • Clean Data
  • Search Data
  • Reject All
  • Purge All
  • Export Output Records
  • Approver – optional
  • Search By DUNS – optional
  • Search By Domain – optional
  • Bing Search
  • Reports
    • Access Base Reports
    • Investigation Feature
    • Access Matchbook Help Desk