Matchbook AI


D&B License Keys #

In order to use Matchbook Services, the admin user will need to input their D&B Credentials in order to access the different D&B services through the Matchbook Portal. Admin users can edit/delete the keys whenever necessary.

Default Keys For UI #

Users make use of these D&B Direct +/ Direct 2.0 default keys for UI related lookups mentioned below:

  • Single Entity Search
  • Prospecting/ Build A List
  • Investigations
  • Type Ahead Search

Background Process Settings #

As part of these settings, the admin will be able to configure background settings such as threshold settings and batch sizes to be handled while posting transactions through the Matchbook Portal:

  • Maximum Parallel Thread – determines the maximum number of threads initiated for processing
  • Cleanse Match Batch Size – determines the number of records that can be processed for that particular batch
  • Wait Time Between Batches (sec) – the wait time, in seconds, between batch runs

Enrichment Settings for UI Firmographics #

Matchbook provides users the benefit of Enriching data through UI. This feature will enrich the Match Data/Clean Data/Search Data/Build A List data records in real-time with the product selected in “Enrichment Settings for UI Firmographics”.