Matchbook AI

Map Data

Some Input headers are auto mapped based on the headers in the selected source file for example Company Name, City, Country etc., as displayed in the below screenshot. The column headers that are not automatically mapped can be manually configured by selecting the required Input Header from the list of options provided in the dropdown menu.

Table ColumnDescription
Source Record IDThis header indicates the record IDs.Note: This field is mandatory.
Company Name # 1This header indicates the primary company name.
Address #1: Address Line 1This header indicates the line 1 of the primary address.
Address #1: Address Line 2This header indicates the line 2 of the primary address.
Address #1: City/LocalityThis header indicates the city/locality of the primary address.
Address #1: State/Province/RegionThis header indicates the state/province/region of the primary address.
Address #1: Postal CodeThis header indicates the postal code of the primary address.
Address #1: CountryThis header indicates the country of the primary address.
Telephone NumberThis header indicates the telephone numbers.
LanguageThis field specifies the Language.
TagsThis field specifies the tags.

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