Matchbook AI

The External Data Platform that Powers Intelligent Decisions

Our category-defining platform delivers complete control over your external data investments through the first-ever enterprise solution designed to support varying data needs across the organization to truly leverage the value of external data to drive superior business outcomes.

Matchbook AI is a single data integration, management and insights solution designed to seamlessly integrate multiple data sources directly into business applications that need to leverage external data for timely decision-making. Our data partners include Moody’s, ZoomInfo, Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Melissa, CreditSafe, ApexAnlytx and many more.


We make external data more accessible across the enterprise, with a single seamless integration to multiple external data sources.

Imagine accelerated onboarding of third-party data through intelligent matching, data stewardship, enrichment and monitoring with granular control.


We enable you to centrally manage all external data flowing into the enterprise and ensure it stays current and updated.

Imagine a centralized enterprise repository of all external data attributes that is regularly updated and always current to meet diverse business needs.


We help you integrate and manage your data to activate true data intelligence and deliver meaningful insights.

Imagine receiving real-time notifications to data changes that can alert you to negative impacts to your business.

What our customers are saying about our platform

Organizations worldwide are using MatchBook AI to unlock the value of Data.

Success Story: Delivering complete vendor visibility and mastering across the entire supply chain.

“Matchbook gives D&B data solid, strong input matches. Now we can give business owners the ability to be hands-on with the tool. They’re the ones who know what they want.”

Success Story: Supporting compliance with real-time tracking of spend by vendor diversity.

“Now we can see diversity and parenting data clearly, and we’re getting to a high level of entries matched: About 96%.”

Success Story: Enabling mastering of customer data into their global CDP. Accurately mastered customer data across the enterprise and created a pre-mastering processes of external data records.

Success Story: Enabling integration of Dun & Bradstreet data into their supplier portfolio.

"Eliminated manual batch processes and established automated API interactions"

Success Story: Reduced manual data stewardship costs by more than 80 percent.

"Increased automated matching from 52% to over 85% cutting down on massive manual data stewardship efforts."

Success Story: Enabling verification and clean data for business decisions. Cleanse, match and enrich facility addresses across disparate systems.

Success Story: Automation of sales lead management.

Success Story:Centralized integration of external data across the enterprise.

Success Story: Automated customer risk management.

Success Story:Real-time verification of new suppliers.

"Able to properly validate vendors in real-time during onboarding intake process and notify stakeholders of any flags."

Global Banking Customer (anonymous)

Success Story: Automated trade compliance functions.


Lack of data visibility is a major obstacle for enterprises in today's competitive environment, with multiple data silos, lack of data unification between multiple internal and external data sources.

Matchbook AI establishes the path for data unification activating internal and external data and reducing data silos. We deliver information and insights in real time to business decision makers. We solve:

Cost of building & maintaining

Silos that inhibit enterprise insights

Long decision cycles

Bad decisions from bad data





Provides tools for matching unmatched data.

Provides reasons for unmatched data.

MBAI tools have an interactive feature that lets you fine-tune the data search queries.

MBAI tool sends the query/information to the 3P data provider.

3P data provider will research and create the required data.

Classes will automatically update, upend, and send it back to you.

MBAI tactics ensure 100% data matching accuracy.​


A single integration point for all external data needs across the enterprise

The cost of bad data is an astonishing

15% to 25%

of revenue for most companies.