Matchbook AI

Empowering the Future of Data Intelligence


High Quality External Data at Your Fingertips

Quantity does not equal quality—for many large enterprises, the true quality of your purchased data may not be visible until you start to feel organizational pain.

Here’s how Matchbook AI helps organizations transform data into decisions:

Data Integration

Cleanse and enrich external data with intelligent matching, stewardship, and monitoring.

Data Management

Centralize all external data attributes in an up-to-date enterprise repository.

Data Insight

Receive real-time notifications to data changes that may negatively impact business.

How Companies Are Winning with Matchbook AI

Here’s how organizations around the world are using MatchBook AI to unlock the true value of third-party data.

Providing Trusted Data in the Age of Intelligence

Our external data platform is a single integration point for all external data needs across the enterprise. 

Matchbook AI cleanses and enriches incoming data so you always have high-quality information anytime, anywhere. 

External Data Management Platform

Matchbook AI enables users to manage all external data flowing into the enterprise to ensure it is up-to-date. 

Data Source Partners

Strategic Platform Partners

The Cost Of Bad Data is Astonishing
15% to 25%
of Revenue for Most Companies