Matchbook AI

Matchbook AI Connector for Databricks


Matchbook AI allows companies to get more value out of their data providers by providing high match rates and real-time accessibility.

Our TruMatch Process Provides:

Real-Time Data

Constantly updated data, eliminating the need for batch-processing.​

High Match Rates

Achieve match rates of 90%+ through deep meta insights

Accurate Data Mastery

Constant monitoring and updating of existing data for accuracy

Matchbook AI helps Databricks Customers

Our plug-and-play connector enables you to automatically match and connect your data to Databricks catalog data and deliver the data back to support internal use cases.

Matchbook AI delivers external data through our TruMatch platform which provides:

Simplified Automation

Quicker Time-to-Value

Increased Confidence

Matchbook Connector Use Cases

De-duplicate business entities
Expose business entity relationships through corporate linkages
Enrich business entities with 3rd party data from sources
Monitor and manage changes to external business entity attributes
Expose rich external data for analytics and sharing across business systems
Perform vendor verification and risk assessment through external data integration
Combine and master business entities across multiple sources and systems by accurately matching to external reference data sources and identifiers
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Supported Data Sources

Full support for full lifecycle matching, all D&B Direct+ Data packets including Data Blocks. Integration with iResearch and ability to customize output and layout!

(Coming Soon!)

Full support for integration with Orbis data and full enrichment and monitoring management

More details

  • Input Refactoring
  • Match quality
  • Identity Resolution
  • Data Verification
  • Data Stewardship
  • Data Gap Mitigation
  • Need Based Enrichment
  • Data Monitoring
  • Data Mastering

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